The patio is where we look forward to relaxing with a book, breathing fresh air, or sharing with friends and family while cooking something on the grill.
We know it is an essential part of your home. That’s why we take it with the utmost care and professionalism.

Concrete Patio & Deck Coatings & Overlays

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As experts in concrete decks, we are well-versed in the different uses, colors, and textures this material can boast.

We also understand that choosing the design or finish you want for your patio or deck is not easy, so we provide you with all the advice and information you need to make the right decision.

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Our Services

Our company is on the cutting edge when it comes to concrete patios in Calgary. Tell us how you want us to transform the space, set the budget, and that’s it!

Classic concrete decks.

We can make even the dullest of patios (wooden or otherwise) into a magnificent concrete piece that lasts.

Stamped concrete decks.

We offer our clients this overlay that guarantees a patio with a resistant, long-lasting, and attractive covering.

Maximum customization.

We allow all kinds of demands and needs to come into play. We let each customer choose the texture and color that best matches the environment.

Maintenance and repair.

Even though concrete requires virtually no maintenance, we offer an inexpensive service to fix and keep your patio working neatly.

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Tailored to your home’s space and style, our concrete patios in Calgary are known for turning your backyard into a true dream.


Concrete Decking Installation

We install the most intricate decking, regardless of how difficult the job is. And we do it better than anyone else.

Curious about the process we use to install concrete decking?
To get the look and finish of the concrete just right, we carefully work through these steps:

Surface Preparation

The first thing we take care of is to prepare the surface and sub floor where the work will be done. It is cleaned, leveled, and repaired as necessary.

Engraving of the design

Before the concrete coating hardens, the impression molds are placed with the selected design to simulate the texture of stone, tile, bricks, pavers, or whatever you prefer.

Application of the coating

We apply a thin layer of concrete coating evenly over the entire surface, while always following general rules of concrete decking.

Staining of the concrete

Finally, depending on your needs, we apply a dye of a color of your preference. This is to make the coating more realistic. The pigments we use can be of natural or artificial origin.

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Since our inception, we have perfected the technique to design concrete patios in Calgary that never go unnoticed.
Become one of our satisfied customers and enjoy all the benefits of having concrete decking on your patio, deck, or sidewalks.
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Sidewalk Cement Contractors in Calgary

We are among the most efficient and respected sidewalk cement contractors in Calgary.

Every day, we receive calls from customers who need repairs to their old sidewalks because the city’s volatile weather has cracked and deteriorated them.

Our concrete sidewalks are designed to withstand even the harshest winter, preventing moisture from freezing and causing surface damage.
We also ensure that they are safe on rainy days to avoid common accidents caused by slippery floors.

What our clients say

To ensure that your new concrete patio in Calgary will remain intact for many years, we apply a high-end sealer that protects the surface from temperature, water, chemicals, and other external agents.

The result is undoubtedly impressive. Just that quick and easy, you can enjoy your new stamped concrete floor, all for one low price.

We had Concretestar contractors redo our patio. We're so amazed by their work!
Janet Twein
Real Estate Agent
Mici was so professional and ready to come estimate our driveway replacement on site. Me and my wife are so happy by the job.
Matthew Steinberg
Homeowner in Calgary
After our garage pad cracked, Concrete Star did a wonderful job in replacing it with a new one. Fast, timely & professional.
Kim Martin
Homeowner in Calgary
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